The Apartment Plays
What is theater in the age of COVID-19? Is it foolish to try to cater to this moment? Is it foolish not to? As in any time, artists should only make what they feel is necessary and what they are interested in making – not what other people or institutions think they should make. As for me, serious times call for silly measures, and necessity is the fairy godmother of invention. So, how can I make theater in a world where no one is allowed to gather? Then I remembered the absolute best, most dramatic performance genre of all time: the neighbor fight. And just like that, the Apartment Plays were born.

Friends, I wrote these short plays, these neighbor fights, for you to perform in your homes for an audience of your unsuspecting neighbors. They should not be streamed on the internet. Your audience should not know a play will be happening. These plays rely on the energy of their live-ness. For ten blessed minutes, your neighbors’ cups will runneth over with enough juice to drink for a lifetime.

I'll continue to update this page as I write new plays. I'm hoping to come up with stories for different cast sizes to suit a variety of households. Be patient as I try to fight the brain fog that is slowing me down during this strange period. These plays are free to read and to perform, so please enjoy them. If you happen to be one of those magical people with a stacked bank account, you can tip me here: PayPal. If not, I understand because I am one of you.

Please accept the most appropriate gift I can give you during this time: soap.

Spending 24 hours a day, seven days a week with your partner has a way of rolling up the rugs on a relationship. A slip with a cell phone exposes an emotional affair. This little dust-up magnifies problems the couple had thought were long since settled. Will their relationship survive this pause?
Father has a secret. In fact, he has a whole secret family. Can his child ever forgive this duplicitous daddy? Perform this as a monologue or as a scene over the phone.
A child and their adult are in for a very fragrant surprise. Unfortunately, there are some things you never quite grow out of. Oh, how the tables have turned.