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Shut UP, Emily Dickinson
Postponed due to COVID-19.

Emily Dickinson: poet, recluse, a**hole. Loosely based on her "Master Letters," Shut UP, Emily Dickinson! is a pseudo-historical, quasi-biographical, hysterically existential, sadomasochistic psycho-romance about America's most brilliant and annoying poetess. Holed up for all eternity in the bedroom of our minds, the “woman in white” stretches into a projection screen for truths, half-truths, truthiness, and truth-less-ness.
Presented by The Brick
 by Felipe Ossa
directed by Sara Wolkowitz
starring Tanya O'Debra
Monday, May 17th @ 8pm ET (Tax Day)

Renegade economist Amanda McCloud has been stuck at home, scheming. Ever since her proposal for solving wealth inequality in America—through modern-day concubinage—was rejected by TED, she’s been trying to get her message out. Now she’s made a video promoting her radical vision, rife with awkward sex and some very eligible billionaires.